Visitor Release


Boarder Agreement and Ranch Rules


Prices & Information

Feeding and Other Information

We feed high-quality alfalfa in the morning and grass hay in the evening. Feeding is completed at sunrise and 4 pm.  Supplements or grains (provided by owner) can be administered at no additional cost once with AM feeding only. As you will see all of our horses are all well fed.

Barn boarding is limited - self-clean for $350/month

We have a lovely large barn. Stalls are 14x14. Our beautiful barn has automatic water in every stall, individual lights for every stall, and beautiful stall doors. Paddock and Pasture boarders have the option of using the barn for a fee in the winter. 

Price per horse is $300 a month for a paddock or pasture


This includes feeding twice a day. This price also includes our staff keeping the areas tidy and clean.  Paddocks are either 95'X50' or 75'X75' and pastures are of varying sizes up to over an acre. All paddocks and pastures are fully irrigated. Horses will be placed in shared or individual pastures and paddocks based on preference, the horses' needs, and the ranch's discretion. Price is the same regardless of options.

Boarder Amenities
- Boarders lounge with bathroom, shower, refrigerator, and shared tack room area
- Trailer parking is $15 a month.

Owner Responsibilities
Owners will be responsible for providing all routine care such as hoof care, veterinary care, dental care, and grooming. Blanketing and fly mask application can by done by Hawthorn for a fee.
Horse Amenities
- 100'X180' all-weather sanded arena with lights and water

- 55' sanded round pen

- 70' X 140' covered arena

- 3/4 mile galloping path

- Hot water for bathing

- Indoor and outdoor grooming areas